The Vakker floral studio creates weekly floral installations for some of Portland’s most popular restaurants including

Olympia Provisions
Paley’s Place
and Teardrop.

Want to make your life more Vakker?

Vakker is the Norwegian word for beautiful. Norwegians believe that all things should be made with a unique and viable purpose in mind but equally so, that all things should be made beautifully.

Bring some of that beautiful energy into your home or to your next occasion. Send us an inquiry to talk about an upcoming event or have an arrangement delivered.

About designer Foss Curtis


Foss Curtis has designed floral arrangements for some of the best restaurants and event spaces of New York City and Los Angeles. In 2012 she started the Vakker Design floral studio and brought her modern, fresh design to Portland area businesses.

Each and every hand-built arrangement that Foss creates is carefully chosen and constructed to fit the space it is designed for – vibrant, loving creations that beautifully balance function and art.