Who We Are

about vakker

Vakker is a floral design studio located in the Kenton neighborhood of Portland Oregon.

Vakker is also the Norwegian word for ‘beautiful’. Norwegians believe that all things should be made with a unique and viable purpose in mind but equally so, that all things should be made beautifully. Functionality and Art intertwined.

vakker [ˈvɑkːər] adj. beautiful, gorgeous, lovely

Owner and head designer Foss Curtis pulls inspiration from her Norwegian heritage to bring this delicate balance to floral design.

Foss worked in the floral industries of New York City and Los Angeles, and when she moved to Portland Oregon in 2012 she knew this was the right place to bring her design dreams to life and start Vakker. Since then Vakker has flourished, bringing Foss’ modern and fresh designs to more businesses, homes and events throughout this wonderful city.